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In the period of 2-6 December 2019, Assoc.Prof. Stefanos Xenarios from the Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) has become a visiting fellow in the Estonian University of Life Sciences through the EU Erasmus + Programme. Stefanos Xenarios has collaborated with Assoc. Prof. Mait Kriipsalu from the Department of Water Management in the area of water pollution and restoration of freshwater systems. Prof. Mait Kriipsalu has presented in the field a freshwater restoration project nearby Tallinn city where also a mobile incinerator machinery has been installed for the processing of the solid pollutants. Prof. Xenarios has also offered lectures on the recently published book on Aral Basin where he performs as Lead Editor while he also made presentation on the role of economics in water management by bringing examples from Europe and Asia. There was also a discussion on the continuation of the collaboration between the two institutes on faculty and students perspectives through different EU-supported programs but also university-driven initiatives.

PeriodDec 2 2019Dec 6 2910
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