Eurasian Migration, Past & Present

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Under the broad theme of Eurasian Migration, this conference will pursue an interdisciplinary discussion of human mobility and movement across Eurasia that focuses on the agency of migrants as they pursue cross-cultural experiences. We hope to include themes ranging from movement and dislocation in the literatures of Eurasia to the regulation of migration by the state, and to range chronologically from the contemporary phenomenon of migrant labour from southern Central Asia into Russia, the Russian peasant colonization of the Kazakh steppe, and earlier movements of nomadic peoples in historic and pre-historic times. Geographically, the conference will cover the Eurasian expanse broadly conceived, from Western China to Eastern Europe. We are inviting political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, historians and scholars from other disciplines from many different countries to contribute. The aim of the conference is to seek recurring themes and long-term patterns of Eurasian migration, exploring both the subjective human experience and the material realities that are confronted when navigating cross-cultural contexts. It will focus on how migrants move across not just state borders, but cultural zones, and how they and their host societies respond and adapt to this movement.

The conference will be organised into the following thematic panels:
The Logistics of Mobility
Borders and Border Zones: Living Betwixt and Between
Living and Working in Places of Settlement
Forced Movement and Resettlement
Migrants and the Host State
Migrants and the Host Society
The Impact and Legacies of ‘Hard’ Borders in the USSR

PeriodMay 18 2017May 19 2017
Event typeConference
LocationAstana, Kazakhstan
Degree of RecognitionInternational