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Annotated Catalogue of Mongolian and Tibetan Manuscripts of National Museum of Republic of Buryatia, Russia

Tsyrempilov , N. & Badagarov, J., 2020, (In preparation) 400 p.

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Ismailism in Badakhshan: A Genealogical History

Beben, D., Gross, J-A. & Mamadsherzodshoev, U., 2020, (In preparation)

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The American Steppes: The Unexpected Russian Roots of Great Plains Agriculture, 1870s-1930s

Moon, D. G., Apr 2 2020, New York: Cambridge University Press. (Studies in Environment and History)

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The Near Abroad: Socialist Eastern Europe and Soviet Patriotism in Ukraine, 1956-85

Wojnowski, Z., May 16 2017, Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 317 p.

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Local Places, Global Processes: Histories of Environmental Change in Britain and Beyond

Coates, P., Moon, D. G. (ed.) & Warde, P., Mar 31 2016, Oxbow Books.

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Scientific Governance in Britain, 1914-79

Leggett, D. & Sleigh, C., 2016, Manchester University Press. 344 p.

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The Hunt for Red Orient: A Soviet industrial trest between Moscow and Bukhara (1922-1929)

Penati, B., 2016, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh. 113 p. (Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies; vol. 2406)

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Буддизм и империя: бурятская буддийская община и Российское государство в XVIII – нач. ХХ в.

Translated title of the contribution: Buddhism and Empire: The Buriat Buddhist Community and Russian state in the 18 - early 20th c.Tsyrempilov , N., 2014, Ulan-Ude: Buriat Mongol Nom. 339 p.

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Re-inventing the ship: Science, technology and the maritime world, 1800-1918

Leggett, D. & Dunn, R., Dec 1 2012, Ashgate Publishing Ltd. 224 p.

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Russian Rule in Samarkand 1868-1910: A Comparison with British India

Morrison, A., Dec 1 2008, Oxford University Press. 400 p.

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Гончог-Чжигмэд-Ванбо. Повествование о жизни Всеведущего Чжамьян-Шадбий-Дорчже, могущественного ученого и сиддха, называющееся «Брод, ведущий к удивительно благому уделу»: Введение, перевод, комментарии Николая Цыремпилова

Translated title of the contribution: Konchog Jigme Wangbo. The hagiography of the All-knowing Jamyang Shepe Dorje, the mighty scholar and yogi titled 'The Ford to Incredibly Auspicious Destiny': Foreword, translation and commentaries by Nikolay TsyrempilovTsyrempilov , N., 2008, Ulan-Ude: Buryat Science Center Publications. 311 p. (Pax Buddhica)

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The Abolition of Serfdom in Russia, 1762-1907

Moon, D. G., 2001, Longman-Pearson. (Seminar Studies in History)

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