Azza Hashim Abbas Babikir

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Personal profile

Dr. Azza Hashim Abbas obtained Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the School of Chemical and Energy - University of Technology Malaysia (UTM-2018), MSc in Reservoir Engineering from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST-2012), BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the petroleum and natural gas engineering college at SUSTin 2009. Dr. Azza held several industrial positions between 2010-2018. She started to work in a joint venture company (GNPOC), where she served as Reservoir Engineer with a focus on field monitoring and Field development plans. In GNPOC, Dr. Azza had a chance to work with Petronas, CNPC, and ONGC, where she had a fantastic opportunity to understand different business models in the oil and gas industry.

Research interests

  • Reservoir characterization;
  • Reservoir Modelling;
  • Resources optimization;
  • Chemical EOR application;
  • Green chemicals.


  • Hamdan, K. B., & Abbas, A. H. (2021). Utilizing Ultrasonic Waves in the Investigation of Contact Stresses, Areas, and Embedment of Spheres in Manufactured Materials Replicating Proppants and Brittle Rocks. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering.
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  • Sulaiman, W. R. W., Abbas, A. (2016). Cyclic Steam Stimulation Effect on Skin Factor Reviewed Case Study. Applied Mechanics and MAterials, 818, 287-29

Education/Academic qualification

Petroleum Engineering, PhD, Alkali lignin sacrificial agent for reducing Gemini surfactant adsorption on different clay minerals, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, MSc, Application of Well Test Analysis in Sudanese Hot and Cold Wells – Case Study: FNE Oil Field, Sudan University of Science and Technology


Petroleum Engineering, BSc, Sudan University of Science and Technology



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