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George Mathews

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Articles in Peer Reviewed SCI Journals

  1. Bhattacharya, S., Santosh M., Zhang, Z., Huang, H., Banerjee, A., George, P.M., Sajeev, K., 2014. Imprints of Archean to Neoproterozoic crustal processes in the Madurai block, Southern India: Hf isotope perspective from zircons. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 88, 1-10. (Journal Impact factor 2017: 2.86). ISSN:1367-9120
  2. George P.M., Santosh, M., Nengsong, C., Nandakumar, V., Itaya, T., Sonali, M.K., Smruti, R.P., Sajeev, K., 2015. Cryogenian Magmatism and Crustal Reworking in the Southern Granulite Terrane, India. International Geology Review 57, 112-133. (Journal Impact factor 2017: 2.87). ISSN: 0020-6814 (Print).
  3. George P.M., Sajeev, K; 2015.Crustal Evolution of Kolli-massif, southern India. Journal of Indian Institute of Science 95,187-201(Journal Impact Factor 2016: 0.8). ISSN No: 0970-4140 Coden-JIISAD.
  4. Ghose, N.C., George P.M., Pandey, S. 2016.Mineralogical Study of Almandine-Hercynite-Muscovite-Ilmenite-Hornblendite Dykes from the Southern Margin of the Gondwana Graben at Richughuta in Palamau District of the Eastern Indian Shield. Acta Geologica Sinica 90, 97-98 (Journal Impact Factor 2017: 2.5) ISSN No: 1755-6724
  5. George P.M., K. Sajeev., M. Santosh., M. Zhai. 2019. Granulite-grade garnet pyroxenite from the Kolli-massif, southern India: Implications for Archean crustal evolution. Lithos 342-343, 499-512 (Journal Impact Factor 2019: 3.39). ISSN No: 0024-4937.
  6. He, H-L., Wang, Y., Bao, Z., George, P.M., Sajeev, K., Guo, J., Zhai, M.G., Lai, C-K. 2020. Role of magma injection and mixing in the formation of chromitite in Archean anorthosites: Evidence from the Sittampundi complex, southern India. Precambrian Research 350, 105914. (Journal Impact Factor 2019: 3.9). ISSN No: 0301-9268.
  7. He, H-L., Zhang, C., Zhai, M.G., Lu, J., George, P.M., Sajeev, K., Rajkumar, P., Zhao, Y., Ao W., Gou, L., Hu, Y.2021. Lower crust-mantle interactions in the massif-type anorthosite formation: New evidence from zircon U-Pb-Hf-O isotopes of the Neoproterozoic Kadavur Complex, southern India. Lithos 380-381, 105836. (Journal Impact Factor 2019: 3.39). ISSN No: 0024-4937.
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  9. He, H-L., Wang, Y., George. P.M., Sajeev, K., Guo, J., Zhai, M.G. 2021. Formation of ~2.5 Ga Sittampundi anorthosite complex in southern India: Implications to lower crustal stabilization of Dharwar Craton. Precambrian Research 354, 106012. (Journal Impact Factor 2019: 3.9). ISSN No: 0301-9268.
  10. Zhou F., Gou L-L., Zhai M-G., Zhang C-L., George P.M., Lu Js., Zhao Y., Ao WH. 2021. Petrology and zircon U–Pb dating of the Neoarchean scapolite-garnet calc-silicate from the Namakkal Block of the Southern Granulite Terrain, India, and their geological implications. Acta Petrologica Sinica 37, 1213-1234 (in Chinese with English abstract; Impact Factor 2020: 1.73). ISSN No: 1000-0569.
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  13. Ao, W., Zhai M-G., Zhao Y., Zhang C-L., Sun, Y., George P.M., Sajeev, K., Gou L-L., Lu, J., Hu Y. Paleo-Mesoarchean crustal growth and reworking in the western Dharwar Craton, southwestern India: Evidence from trondhjemitic gneiss and granitic gneiss. 2021. Precambrian Research 367, 106428 (Journal Impact Factor 2019: 3.9). ISSN No: 0301-9268.
  14. Durgalakshmi, Williams, I.S., Sajeev, K., Reddy, H.D., Satish-Kumar, M., Jöns, N., Malaviarachchi S.P.K., Samuel, V.O., George, P.M. The timing, duration and conditions of UHT metamorphism in remnants of the former eastern Gondwana. Journal of Petrology
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  16. Gou L-L., Zhai, M-G., Zhang C-L., George, P.M., Sajeev, K., Lu, J., Zhao, Y., Ao, W., Hu, Y., Zi, J-W. Ultrahigh temperature metamorphism and isobaric cooling of Neoarchean garnet pyroxenite in the lower crust of the Dharwar Craton, India: phase equilibrium modelling and SHRIMP zircon U–Pb dating. Journal of Metamorphic Geology (just accepted).

Upcoming Publication(s) (Under Revision or Review in Peer Reviewed SCI Journals)

  1. Athira,P.G., Sajeev,K., George,P.M., Zhai M-G, Zhou,L-G., Razakamanana,T., Windley B. F.,Ayisha, V.A., Tracing remnants of Ediacaran I- and S-type granitoids from beach placers in SE Madagascar   Current Status: Under revision in Geological Society of America Bulletin   Date of Submission: May 4, 2021 

International conferences / symposiums

  1. George, P. M., Sajeev, K. & Itaya, T Metamorphism of Archaean Iron formations from the Salem-Namakkal Region, Tamil Nadu, southern India, Granulites and Granulites Symposium, Hyderabad, January, 2013.
  2. Ishwar-Kumar, C., George, P.M., Adachi, T., Nakano, N., Osanai, Y., Itaya, T. & Sajeev, K. (2013) Evolution of mafic and calc granulites from Coorg, southern India. Granulites and Granulites- January 2013, Hyderabad, India.
  3. George, P.M., Itaya, T., Horie, K., Hokada , T., Satish-Kumar , M. & Sajeev, K. (2013) Evolution of Archean high-pressure granulites from the Namakkal Block, southern India, Japan Geological Union Meeting, Makhuhari Messe (Tokyo), May, 2013.
  4. George, P.M., Metamorphosed Iron Formations from Namakkal Block southern India. International Conference of ‘Sedimentary Processes and Metallogeny through Time’, Dharwad Jan 21-23, 2014.
  5. George P.M., Wilde, S.A., Satish-Kumar, M., & Sajeev, K., (2014) Continental arc accretion and crustal evolution at the end of the Archean in southern India. 7th International SHRIMP Conference, Tachikawa, Japan Sep 25- 30, 2014.
  6. George P.M., Sajeev, K., Satish-Kumar, M., Harlov, D.E., Hari, R., & Zhai, M-G., (2018) Oxygen Release to the Mantle Wedge during the Metamorphism of Iron Formations in the Archean. Goldschmidt Conference 2018, Boston, MA, USA, August 12-17, 2018.
  7. George P.M., & Zhai, M-G., (2020) Chromian-spinel Chemistry of a Mesoarchean Metasomatized Ultramafic section from southern India and its Implications to the Crustal Processes. Goldschmidt Virtual Conference 2020.

Education/Academic qualification

PhD, Evolutionary Aspects of Archean Kolli-Massif southern India: An Archive of crustal processes, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore


Geology, MSc, Andhra University


Geology, BSc, University of Calicut