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After completing his PhD in Finance at the Tinbergen Institute in 1999, Gerrit Tjeerd (Thierry) Post (1971) had functions as assistant professor, associate professor, full professor (Asset Pricing chair) and head of the Finance department at Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His areas of interest are asset management, portfolio theory, asset pricing, behavioral finance and financial econometrics. He taught courses on these topics at BSc, MSc, PhD and MBA level, published over 50 articles in international refereed journals (including American Economic Review, Journal of Finance and Management Science) and published a textbook on Investments together with Prof. Haim Levy of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also held visiting professor positions at Cass Business School of the City University in London and the Graduate School of Business of Koc University in Istanbul. His work on behavioral finance received widespread attention in the international media. In the industry, he headed the Quantitative Strategies department of Robeco Asset Management, a team of 20 dedicated quant researchers that develops quantitative equity and fixed income investment models and strategies for about 16bn euro assets under management.


nternational (refereed) journals

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National/Dutch (refereed) journals

Guido Baltussen, Martijn Van den Assem, Thierry Post (2007): ‘De ene euro is de andere niet’, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 13 Juli 2007, pp. 427-428.
Van den Assem, Martijn, Thierry Post (2005): ‘Miljoenenjacht: Voer voor economen’, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 16 December 2005, pp. 538-539.
Post, Thierry (2000): ‘De toezichthouder beoordeeld’, Economisch Statistische Berichten4252, 21 April 2000, pp. 336-339.
Books, or contributions to books

Post, Thierryand Jaap Spronk (2000): ‘Evaluating Productive Performance under Uncertainty: Combining Data Envelopment Analysis, Mean-Variance Analysis, and Multi-Factor Risk Models’. In: Shi, Y. and M. Zeleny (2000): “New Frontiers of Decision Making for the Information Technology Era“, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, pp. 249-269.

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