The Lane Kirkland Fellowship Program

Prize: Other distinction


During the academic year, the grantees participate four times in the integration and technical meetings that are held in different cities of affiliation. The purpose of the "meetings" is to tighten contacts between the grantees - which is aimed at improving their further collaboration and enabling them to get to know various cities / regions of Poland.
Professional internships are organized by academic coordinators and advisors in the second term of the program. The majority of people decide to do 2- or 3-week internships, but there have also been cases of internships that lasted over a month, in a few different institutions.
The highlight of the Kirkland Program is writing and defending the diploma project. The diploma project consists of two term papers, which the grantees are obliged to write at the end of each semester. The diploma thesis defenses take place at particular universities, usually at the end of May and in the first half of June.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsPolish-American Freedom Foundation