57-65 GHz Wireless Communication Front-End for Secure 5G Applications

  • Maham, Behrouz (PI)
  • Onyejegbu, Elochukwu (PhD student/Master degree holder)
  • Mokogwu, Francis (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)
  • Shaimerden, Yernur (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)
  • Shkoda, Viktor (Undergraduate student)
  • Maken, Sultan (Undergraduate student)

Project: MES RK

Project Details

Grant Program

Grant Funding 2022-2024
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Project Description

The aim of this project is to use the license-free band of 57-65GHz for wireless communication front-end for secure 5G applications. Wireless propagation at this frequency band experience atmospheric attenuation, that offers unique advantages and some disadvantages. This project aims to capitalize on the advantages while providing solutions for the disadvantages.

Project Relevance

5G Communication and Networks

Project Impact

The key objectives of this project include:

a) Investigate the integration wideband 60 GHz CMOS/GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit [MMIC] technology;
b) Investigate the integration of MMIC technology and phased-array antenna techniques to produce wideband, high power, high data rate RF front end for multi-Gigabit and secure mixed signal processing wireless and 5G applications
c) Design and development of phased-array antenna
d) Develop a prototype communication unit
e) Submit and publish articles in high quality conferences and Q1/Q2 journals
Effective start/end date1/1/2212/31/24