A comprehensive study on asphaltene characterization and screening asphaltene deposition inhibitors for Kazakhstan crude oils

Project: CRP

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Collaborative Research Grants Program 2020-2022

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This proposal describes an R&D project that focuses on asphaltene characterization, and screening chemicals for asphaltene deposition inhibition (or mitigation) for the Kazakhstan crude oils with flow assurance implications. The proposed research methodologies include experimental, modeling, and field testing. The project is an integrated study which designed in six different phases, covering different aspects of the asphaltene problems. In the proposed project, we aim to conduct a comprehensive study on asphaltene characterization, and screening asphaltene deposition inhibitors for Kazakhstan crude oils. The ultimate goal is to contribute to flow assurance process in oil production optimization with a special reference on major oilfields in Kazakhstan. In addition, it is expected that new asphaltene deposition inhibitors to be developed and tested both in lab and at the field during the course of this research project. These inhibitors will be designed based on the chemical composition of Kazakhstan crude and will give superior inhibitory performance. In practice, the outcome from this research work can help to identify suitable inhibitors (i.e., chemical and other types, nano-inhibitors) and their optimum dosage in terms of technical performance and cost effectiveness. With the outcomes expected from this research project, the management of hydrocarbon production from Kazakhstan oilfields and any other oilfields with similar crude oil characteristics can be further optimized. Furthermore, the results from such studies can be a good addition to the literature in terms of methodology, data, and any new potential inhibitors which may be developed or introduced during this research project. The results may be extended to suit other crudes with a similar fluid characterization.
Short title asphaltene characterization and screening asphaltene deposition inhibitors
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/31/24


  • asphaltene, wax, crude oil, deposition inhibitor, flow assurance


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