Additive manufacturing systems and metal powders for the Kazakh industry

Project: MES RK

Project Details

Grant Program

State targeted funding

Project Description

The project's purposes are to develop and validate new metal and composite powders suitable for additive manufacturing. Improvement in the production process of 3D printing, optimization of shapes, and topology of parts. Development of a pilot plant and technical regulations related to the preparation of raw materials and certification works.

Project Relevance

Kazakhstan has a huge potential to enter the additive manufacturing market as it produces all the metals that are currently available for 3D printed. It also, has great opportunity to develop additive manufacturing technologies.
This project aims the support the industry to bridge the gap to produce competitive metal powder for additive manufacturing. To achieve this goal as Additive Manufacturing Lab and a Metal powder Production Lab have been created at Nazarbayev University under the leadership of Dr Talamona.
This project is funded by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development (MIID) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under the ""Economics of the Future"" scheme.

Project Impact

in 2021:
- a 3D printing laboratory has been created based at Nazarbayev University;
- preliminary analytical and marketing research of the world market in the field of metal powders for additive metallurgy and technologies of additive metal production has been carried out, taking into account current market conditions;
- the theoretical part of the training program for Kazakhstani students and scientists has been developed.
In 2022:
- Establishment of a laboratory for the production of powdered metals based on Nazarbayev University;
- Development of aluminum powder for 3D printing.
- Determination of printing parameters for plastic parts to obtain increased strength results.
- Optimization of the topology of parts by the ratio of weight and strength while maintaining the mechanical characteristics of the products while minimizing their weight and material consumption.
- Determination of printing parameters for a better weight-to-strength ratio using commercially available powder metals.
- Study of the suitability of the obtained powder metals on a printer with selective laser melting technology.
Effective start/end date9/1/2212/31/23