Assessing the impact of ventilation rates and airtightness of the construction on the concentration of radon in buildings in Kazakhstan

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This research will help to understand the mechanism of penetration and accumulation of radon in buildings. Performing numerous measurements will provide an accurate account of relation of volume concentration of radon to frequency rate of air exchange of premises. Based on the results of the implemented experiments it will be possible to predict change of volume activity of radon in direct dependence on weather
conditions, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and wind loading of the building. The obtained data will influence not only development of the scientific and technical potential of the subject of polluting substances but also will render social and economic effect by means of reducing the impact of radon on human, lowering the number of respiratory disease cases and thus cutting down on the governmental costs to treat these conditions. The scientific direction in internal parameters of climate in Kazakhstan at present time is developed insufficiently. In a pursuit of energy efficiency the country starts forgetting about the most important points, such as human health.Promotion of this project will have beneficial effect on illumination of a problem of natural radiation of Kazakhstan
Effective start/end date1/1/1712/31/18

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