Bifunctional transition metal pincer complexes for activation of small molecules

  • Khalimon, Andrey (PI)
  • Nurseiit, Alibek (Student)
  • Segizbayev, Medet (Student)
  • Adamov, Assyl (Student)
  • Kassymbek, Aishabibi (Student)
  • Yelubayeva , Assel (Student)
  • Gudun, Kristina (Other participant)
  • Frolova, Valeriya (Undergraduate student)
  • Yessengazin, Azamat (Undergraduate student)
  • Janabel, Jaysan (Other participant)
  • Balanay, Mannix (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Seilkhanov, Tulegen (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Plessow, Philipp (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Lyssenko, Konstantin (Other Faculty/Researcher)

Project: Monitored by Research Administration


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Engineering & Materials Science

Chemical Compounds

Physics & Astronomy