Biosocial Imaginaries: Forming Human and Environmental Health Subjectivities

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Social Policy Grant

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Conservation of ecosystems and natural resources are an important means through which people and communities interact with non-human systems. This project examines the ways that imaginative processes, environmental cognition, scientific discourses, and understandings of what 'healthy' means in comparative engagement with two key research communities. How communities understand the world, and their own place in it, is becoming ever more important as people and environments stand in the shadow of looming ecological and health crises. Using a research method that emphasizes links between the creation of environmental subjectivities as an imaginative process and the generation of social and political solidarities and social networks, this project will lay the groundwork for fieldwork that compares environmental health activities in Arkansas, as well as in Kazakhstan.
Effective start/end date2/25/192/25/20


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