Comparative assessment of municipal sewage sludge pyrolysis, gasification and incineration in the pilot-scale fluidized bed rig.

Project: MES RK

Project Details

Grant Program

Grant funding 2022-2024
Ministry of Education and Sciences

Project Description

The goal of the project is to experimentally test three thermal treatment methods such as combustion, gasification and pyrolysis in the laboratory scale fluidized bed unit. In addition to that perform the life cycle assessment for each technology.

Project Relevance

The relevance of the project is to move the society toward a circular economy pathway and efficient use of natural resources. The waste management is also a major part of the circular economy. Thus, the project is focused on the sustainable waste management of municipal sewage sludge in which three different types of thermal methods to be accessed independently and compared among each other.

Project Impact

At present, following tasks are under investigation: 1) Combustion of sewage sludge samples in the laboratory scale fluidized bed unit is under investigation;2) Design and manufacturing of the laboratory scale gasifier under development for gasification and pyrolysis tests; 3) Life-cycle assessment of the three technologies are under development; In addition, by-products such ash from combustion tests is under analysis
Effective start/end date1/1/2212/31/24