Comprehensive documentation and archiving of Teleut, Eushta-Chat, and Melets Chulym: three areally adjacent critically endangered Turkic languages of Siberia

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Endangered Languages Documentation Programme

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The project is aimed at field documentation, creation of an electronic lexicon and interlinearized and annotated corpora of three poorly described and critically endangered Turkic languages native to South-Western Siberia in Russia: Bachat Teleut, Eushta-Chat (Tomsk Tatar), and Melets Chulym. The number of proficient native speakers of Teleut is under 250, of Eushta-Chat and Melets Chulym - fewer than 50 speakers each. Most of the speakers of the languages are over 50 years old. This is the last chance that these languages will likely have to be documented before the competent remaining speakers pass on or become impossible to work with due to advanced age. Among the objectives of the project is to perform a precise survey of the number of proficient and semi-speakers remaining, to assess the degree of language endangerment, the language’s functional spheres and the sociolinguistic makeup of the communities, and to make preliminary analysis of the data with a view to developing pedagogical materials for the communities, in addition to
descriptive, comparative, typological and areal studies.

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Short titleDocumentation of three endangered Turkic languages of Siberia.
AcronymELDP MDP0330
Effective start/end date2/1/1612/31/19


  • Northern Asia
  • Siberia
  • linguistics
  • anthropology
  • language documentation
  • endangered languages
  • Turkic languages


  • Social Sciences(all)