Design of the Low-Speed High-Torque Permanent Magnet Motors for Collaborative Robots with an Effective Control System

  • Duc Do, Ton (PI)
  • Nguyen, Thao (Other participant)
  • Duong, Trung (Other participant)

Project: FDCRGP

Project Details

Grant Program

Faculty Development Competitive Research Grants Program 2022-2024

Project Description

• A complete hardware-software solution for electric motor drives in collaborative robots.
• Improved solutions for electric motors used in the low-speed, high-torque application, especially collaborative robot.
• Increase of torque density and efficiency.
• Reduction of weight, material used, and cost.
• A compact system as all components (motor, sensor, and controller) are integrated inside the same space.
Short titlePM motor design and control
AcronymPM motors
Effective start/end date1/1/2212/31/24


  • permanent magnet motor design
  • Control systems
  • collaborative robots
  • observers
  • sensorless control
  • disturbance rejection


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