Development of municipal solid waste combustion and incineration technology for Astana (Kazakhstan) and investigation of municipal solid waste blending effects on reactivity of coals in CFB combustion and gasification processes

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ORAU Grant

Project Description

Main goal of this project is to develop municipal solid waste (MSW) and coal co-gasification technology for further scale-up and replication in The Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently, the first cell of the city landfill is already full and during the year 2016 the second landfill сell will be constructed. During the year 2015,
356 632 tons of MSW were accumulated. Around 800-900 tons of waste delivered to the landfill daily. To tackle the MSW accumulation and re-use valuable materials from waste Astana city municipality is developing a local waste management program

Key findings

-Data provided by the Astana municipality on waste morphology is not reliable. StRK standard doesn’t provide necessary data for development of techno-economic feasibility studies necessary for construction of waste-to-energy and waste recycling plants. The team has collected more reliable data according to ASTMD, taking into account seasonal fluctuations;
-Municipal solid waste has been characterized as a fuel, proximate and ultimate analysis determined. Coal characteristics also investigated for co-firing and blending;
- Heavy metals content of MSW determined. Heavy metals in MSW can possibly contaminate soil, underground water reservoirs, and if MSW combusted it also can pollute atmosphere. This data will allow to take into account measures for environmental protection;
-Full dataset necessary for future feasibility study, design and development of new waste-to-energy facilities has been investigated
-1 journal publication has been accepted, 1 journal publication is under preparation, 3 conference abstracts submitted;
Future plans (for 2018):
-Combustion and gasification experimental campaign with RDF derived from Astana city MSW in circulating fluidized bed reactor facility
-Investigation of opportunities to separate MSW at source and consequently changes in MSW morphology and RDF characteristics
-Additional two waste sampling campaigns to fully investigate seasonal fluctuations
Short titleMSW - ORAU
Effective start/end date6/1/176/30/20


municipal solid waste
waste management