Dynamics of phonetical and grammatical systems of Ob-Ugric languages

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Russian Foundation for Basic Research

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The goal of this project is the research on Ob-Ugric language divergence, which, in turn, will allow us to investigate the general features and mechanisms of language evolution. The significance of the project is based on the absence of systematic research on the phonetic and grammatical divergence of the Ob-Ugric languages, which would combine the methods of comparative linguistics, areal linguistics, and diachronic typology. Another aspect of the proposed project, which also contributes to its significance, is related to the fieldwork planned (the accumulation of new data and the analysis of the archived data, in particular, text translation and analysis of grammatically obscured fragments): in the situation of language attrition the adequate processing of massive amounts of multidialectal data requires immediate organization of research in the field. The project’s novelty is due to both the complexity of the approach to the description of divergence of languages and dialects, and to the significant amount of new language data, which is planned to be introduced into scientific use as a result of project’s work. In particular, the project aims at creating a multi-dialectal corpus of Ob-Ugric languages. To achieve this goal, the members of the project are planning to digitalize and process the archived Ob-Ugric data collected by N. Teryoshkin, A. Kannisto, V. Chernetsov and the materials from the A. Dulzon laboratory at TSPU. This corpus will also be enriched by the data gathered by the project’s members during the documentation of the Upper Lozva dialect of the Mansi language and of the Eastern Khanty dialects. Moreover, an electronic multimedia dictionary of the Upper Lozva dialect of the Mansi language will be created. Apart from these empiric results, which will give researchers (both typologists and those working specifically of the Uralic languages) access to a vast array of linguistic data in a convenient format, during the research planned we aim at reconstructing the processes of diachronic evolution of Ob-Ugric dialects, which will be an important contribution to the development of Finno-Ugric linguistics, as well as to the development of comparative linguistics, diachronic typology, and areal linguistics, which describe the various aspects of language development and dialectal divergence.
Short titleРФФИ: 18-012-00833 А
AcronymРФФИ: 18-012-00833 А
Effective start/end date9/17/1712/30/20


  • Ob-Ugric languages
  • languages of Russian Federation
  • diachronical linguistics
  • language documentation
  • linguistic fieldworks
  • linguistic typology