Early Career Teachers: How prepared are they for the job?

  • Helmer, Janet (PI)
  • Assanbayev, Arman (Other participant)
  • Malone, Kathy (CoPI)
  • Tussupbekova, Gulmira (Other participant)
  • Dukenova, Ainur (Other participant)
  • Namyssova, Gulnara (Other participant)

Project: Monitored by School

Project Details

Grant Program

Social Policy Grant

Project Description

Currently, Kazakhstan is in the process of interrogating its education system and this should also include how to better prepare teachers for their role in the classroom. When interrogating pre-service teaching programs discussions emerge regarding the respect regarded teachers, education and the role of schools within that a particular society which ultimately affects what types of teachers are sent out to the classroom (Flores, 2010). This study investigated beginning teacher’s preparedness, self-efficacy and perceived well-being
This study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the early career teacher’s preparedness and experience during their initial years in the profession.
The research questions for this study are:
1. How has initial teacher education prepared early career teachers for their role in the classroom?
2. What challenges do early career teachers face when they first begin their teaching career?
Effective start/end date7/18/189/30/20


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