Engineered Surface Roughness Elements (ENSURE) Technology to Enable Centrifugal Pump Efficiency Enhancement

  • Rojas, Luis (PI)
  • Ospanova, Saltanat, (Other participant)
  • Omirkhan, Amanbek (Undergraduate student)
  • Praliyev, Nurgeldy (Undergraduate student)

Project: Research project

Grant Program

Call for Commercialization Projects by NURIS

Project Description

This proposal deals with the proof of concept and development of IP and business plan of a novel technology (ENSURETM) to increase efficiency of centrifugal pumps by using engineered surface roughness elements (turbulators). Centrifugal pumps energy consumption represents between 20% (chemical) and 60% (oil) of energy consumption by electric motors in industry (Sahoo, 2012). Twenty percent of total consumption of energy by electric motors is used by pumps (Augustyn, 2012). However, most centrifugal pump systems work in conditions far from their Best Efficiency Point (BEP), which renders in average, a drop of efficiency around 20% (Sahoo, 2012). Off-design condition is mainly due to common engineering practice of 10-50% safety margin when dimensioning pumps to accommodate future load growth (Sahoo, 2012). ENSURETM is a unique technology that aims to improve the performance of centrifugal pumps operating off-BEP, for which impellers are in recirculation regime (Jacobsen, 2016) and therefore, behave as blunt bodies. ENSURETM therefore hastens laminar-to-turbulence transition within boundary layer of impeller passages, reducing form drag at expense of moderate increase of friction. This proposal aims to fund: detailed experimental and numerical analyses, as well as IP protection and commercialization of technology.
Short titleNURIS-Commercialization
Effective start/end date2/1/1812/31/19


  • Surface Roughness
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Centrifugal Pump