Evaluating the impact of climate change in buildings integrated with phase change materials located in different climate zones of the world

Project: FDCRGP

Project Details

Grant Program

Faculty Development Competitive Research Grant Program 2021-2023

Project Description

Climate change will have a great influence on the energy consumption of buildings due to change in the outdoor conditions. The energy consumption, especially required for cooling, is expected to increase because of global warming. However, the pattern of energy consumption (heating and cooling) due to the impact of climate change will vary in various locations of the world. Hence, it is imperative to know the building response in terms of energy use in the future due to climate change in different locations of the world. In this research, an innovative approach would be adopted to examine the impact of climate change on the thermal performance and energy efficiency of buildings incorporated with PCM situated in different climate zones of the world.
Effective start/end date1/1/2112/31/23


  • phase change materials
  • buildings
  • energy efficiency
  • Climate change
  • energy consumption


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