Fault-Tolerant Direct-Torque Control System Design with High-Order Observers for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors in Electric Vehicle Applications

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Recently, as the pollution and global warming problem become more serious and the fuel price fluctuates in unpredictable way,
EVs have emerged as a solution to these problems. In EVs, the propulsion system, which uses adjustable-speed motor drives
(ASMDs), is a vital part. For a reliable high-performance propulsion system, electric motors with good dynamic characteristics are
required. About electric motors, interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (IPMSMs) are preferred due to the following
advantages: high efficiency and reliability, high power factor and power density, and high torque to inertia ratio. In addition to
these advantages, the invention of high-performance magnets proves that the IPMSMs motors to be a better choice for adjustablespeed
motor drives (ASMDs), including the EVs. On the other hand, the propulsion system of EVs is expected to respond precisely
and fast and work reliable during a long time under a wide range of speed. As we know, under these conditions, the system
parameters varies, sensor faults may occur. Therefore, a high-performance, robust control systems are desired. This project will
focus on designing high-performance control schemes to solve the aforementioned problems in EVs. The results of proposed
control schemes will be compared with existing control techniques to prove their superior. At the completion of this project, we
expect that our results will attract some automotive companies to collaborate and further investigate the feasibility of our design
commercialize it.
Effective start/end date6/1/178/31/21