Imaging in Seismic Exploration

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Faculty Development Competitive Research Grant Program 2018-2020

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One effective way to identify physical parameters that are responsible for particular observed information is by solving an inverse problem. If such information obeys some mathematical model in the form of partial differential equations, the inverse problem can be formulated as a PDE-constrained optimization. Applications include MRI and CT-Scan in Medical Science and seismic imaging for oil or mineral prospecting. These applications typically involve big data, acquired from multiple experimental settings and measurements, which in the end leads to a large optimization problem to solve.
Even though the methods and results should be conceptually applicable to other problems of similar nature, the project focuses mainly on inverse problem in seismic imaging. In particular, the project focuses on the development of methods for solve the associated inverse problem, based on the current development in numerical linear algebra and optimization and compressive sensing. Having all in play, we target on efficient reconstruction of high quality seismic images.
Effective start/end date3/20/183/31/21


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