In-situ microbial enhanced oil recovery

  • Pham, Tri (PI)
  • Hazlett, Randy (Co-PI)
  • Yernazarova, Aliya (Co-PI)
  • Mun, Grigoriy (Co-PI)
  • Venturi, Vittorio (Co-PI)
  • Uteyev, Rakhim (Other participant)
  • Zhiengaliev , Baurzhan (Other participant)
  • Kitching, Michael (Other participant)
  • Mukhtar Shakenuly, Mukhtar (Other participant)
  • Ispanbetov, Timur (Other participant)
  • Izmailova, Assem (Other participant)
  • Abbas Babikir, Azza Hashim (Other Faculty/Researcher)

Project: CRP


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Earth and Planetary Sciences