Investigation of collagen fibril diameter in cow/bovine anterior cruciate ligament

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It is well established that ACL injuries are followed by significant structural deformations, including reduced collagen fiber diameter, a shift from bimodal fiber diameter distribution to unimodal distribution also coupled with inferior biomechanical properties. This study is expected to provide reliable data for collagen fiber diameter of healthy and injured ACL tissues. Earlier, healthy and injured ACL tissues obtained from human and sheep were investigated for collagen fiber diameter distribution, yet no prior attempt is available for such for bovine ACL tissue. Therefore, this study proposes developing a bovine ACL tear model and measuring the collagen fiber diameter distribution. There is abundant literature for the fabrication of scaffolds with unimodal fiber diameter distribution (e.g., mean diameter of 80nm or 180nm) and culturing cells of different origin on these scaffolds. However, no data are available for the fabrication of fibrous scaffolds possessing bimodal distribution. Due to absence of such scaffolds, it has not been possible to date to fully understand the behavior of ACL cells in injured/healing tissues. The novelty in this study is that it proposes for the first time to investigate the collagen fiber distribution in bovine ACL tissue under both injured and healthy conditions.
Short titleCollagen fiber diameter of bovine ACL
Effective start/end date2/1/191/31/20


  • collagen fiber
  • ligament
  • ACL tissues


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