Investigation of high-intensity pulsed ion beam neutralization by volumetric plasma

  • Kaikanov, Marat (PI)
  • Tikhonov, Alexander (Co-PI)
  • Remnev, Gennady (Co-PI)
  • Kemelbay, Aidar (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Bozheyev, Farabi (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Nauruzbayev, Dosbol (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Khassenov, Mendykhan (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Nurmukhanbetova, Aliya (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Urazbayev, Arshat (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Akhtanova, Gulnur (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Abduvalov, A. (PhD student/Master degree holder)
  • Kuntubek, Aldiyar (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)
  • Daurenbekov, Dulat (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Zhuravlev, M. V. (Other Faculty/Researcher)

Project: ORAU

Project Details

Grant Program

ORAU Grant

Project Description

Our project is related to beam dynamic physics investigation. By carrying out proposed scientific work we are going to obtain analytical and experimental results of high-intensity pulsed ion beam focusing to reach higher power densities on target through the beam neutralized transport and transverse compression investigation.
The objectives of project:
Establish INURA accelerator facility research program on high-intensity pulsed ion beam physics by achieving effective charge neutralization and minimizing its divergence growth at generation stage.
The second objective is to develop an improved configuration of diode system for various materials modification and future high-energy density physics experiments .
The third objective is to develop a beam neutralized drift chamber for efficient ion beam focusing.
The fourth objective is to develop a research program on application of the ion beam for materials modification and to study ion beam interaction with solid and gas targets.
The fifth objective is the training of NU students in the demanding fields of particle beams, pulsed accelerators, and material science.
Effective start/end date1/3/1912/31/21


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