Investment Potential of the Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan: Geospatial Monitoring, IT Technology, and Historical-Cultural Analysis in the Production of an Electronic Atlas of the Republic

Project: MES RK

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Grant Program

Ministry of Education and Science - Grant Funding 2018-2020

Project Description

This interdisciplinary project includes professors of anthropology, archeology, computer modeling, geographic information sciences, geoinformation, history, religious studies, remote sensing, and spatial imagery.

Hosted by Nazarbayev University, the project is led by the Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (team below), in cooperation with the School of Engineering. Its partners are the Kazakh Space Agency, “Garysh Sapary,” Kazakh National Geographical Society, National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and A. Kh. Margulan Archeological Institute.

This online thematic atlas will provide information on 12 sites that have a historical, cultural, and religious significance to Kazakhstan. It will assist with the development of tourism, and become a reference tool to decision-makers.

Project participants will develop an interdisciplinary methodology to collect, manage, and display data from fieldwork, archival research, GIS surveys, and the KazEOSat satellite.

The team will publish its results in peer-reviewed and high-impact journals. The articles, meetings, and conferences the team has scheduled will strengthen Kazakhstan’s leadership in the spatial humanities in Central Asia.
Short titleThe Electronic Atlas of the Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan
AcronymEASG 1
Effective start/end date4/6/1812/31/20


  • History
  • Cartography
  • Web atlas
  • Religious geography
  • Kazakhstan
  • Civil engineering
  • Spatial humanities


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