Metasurface-enabled Energy-Efficient and Secure Communication for Beyond 5G (B5G) Networks Aided by Robust Machine Learning Techniques

Project: CRP

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Grant Program

Collaborative Research Program for 2022-2024

Project Description

The goal of this research proposal is to design, develop and test a reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) enabled energy-efficient and secure communication system for future beyond fifth-generation (B5G) networks besides providing trained professionals and a training base for the telecommunication industry of Kazakhstan.
To be specific, we aim at creating an analytical and algorithmic framework and its hardware realization that will account for the conventional and machine learning (ML)-based optimizations of the energy efficiency (EE) and physical layer security (PLS) metrics in single- and multi-user RIS-enabled communication networks, where the system will attempt to serve all involved end-users yet by assigning different priority classes (based on quality-of-service/quality-of-experience) per user (or service), also supporting secure and reliable communications. Moreover, for the first time, it is proposed to consider and then experimentally verify the advantages of distributed multiple-RIS deployment, including the introduction of the mobile RIS-enabled unmanned aerial vehicle aided communications.
Effective start/end date1/1/2212/31/24


  • 5G/6G networks
  • reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS)
  • metasurfaces
  • physical layer security (PLS)
  • energy efficiency
  • machine learning
  • metamaterials


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