Nazarbayev Oxford Image Sensor with Enhanced Speed, Integration and Processing

  • James, Alex, (PI)
  • Collins, Steve (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Choubey, Bhaskar (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Smagulova, Kamilya, (Other Faculty/Researcher)

Project: Research project

Grant Program

ORAU grant

Project Description

The proposed research would be the first project from central Asia that would leave a significant Engineering footprint in the
development of machine vision systems. In addition, in view of EXPO 2017, this project could lead to research outcomes and
working prototypes that could demonstrate that Kazakhstan is undertaking research of international impact and progressing the
field of nanoelectronic imaging systems. The applications of this research extend to drive into the forefronts of the machine vision
research having an extensive use in medical imaging, surveillance of vehicles and humans, as a sensor in smart buildings, and
monitoring activities in smart cities. Many of these applications aid with social challenges and innovations rated as important
priorities in Europe and Kazakhstan.
Effective start/end date2/25/169/22/19


Image sensors
Intelligent buildings
Medical imaging
Imaging systems
Computer vision