Pediatric Celiac Disease in Kazakhstan: epidemiological analysis and implementation of screening and diagnostic strategies.

  • Poddighe, Dimitri (PI)
  • Tanko, Matthew Naanlep (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Sazonov, Vitaliy (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Kozhakhmetova (SSH), Aizhan (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Marchenko, Yelena (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Abdrakhmanova, Saniya (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Catassi, Carlo (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Tinelli, Carmine (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Teleutayev, Yernas (Other participant)
  • Ibrayeva, Aigul (Other participant)
  • Assylbekova, Maikesh (Other participant)
  • Mukusheva, Zaure (Other participant)
  • Kenzhegulova, Raushan (Other participant)

Project: FDCRGP


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Medicine and Dentistry