Public speaking in Kazakh and ways to improve students’ elocution

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Faculty Development Competitive Research Grant Program 2021-2023

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The purpose of the Project: To propose the ways to improve the Kazakh students’ public speaking skills by analysing the quality of youth’s elocution, identifying the linguistic and non-linguistic causes for positive and negative processes, and examining the Kazakh national context of expressing an opinion.
Scientific novelty and significance: Being a necessary means of communication in all aspects of social life (family, kindergarten, school, university, service, mass media, leisure, public places) and predominance in a spoken language account for the language vitality.
Speaking the same language on a daily basis in formal or official environments demonstrates that this particular language is the main means of communication in that particular country.
The Kazakh youth a) do not know the spelling principles of own language; b) think the right thing is to read the written language without mistakes; c) do not know the traditional Kazakh spoken register; c) think in another language (Russian, English), in a constructed (artificial) language or in translated Kazakh; d) in environments dominated by foreign language contacts, such as NU and SDU, the students mix the foreign language’s grammar and spoken register with those of the Kazakh language and, hence, are unable to convey their thoughts in an accurate and proper manner; e) cannot detect the peculiarities of speaking before an audience; g) cannot express their opinions eloquently before the audience. Given the present circumstances, what will become to the Kazakh public speaking?
We believe the importance of this project is to preserve the Kazakh language, which is losing its prestige, by getting back to its nature and essence, restoring and improving the professional Kazakh language and public speaking. The purpose of this project is to restore prestige and status of the Kazakh language by improving the quality of public speech.
Effective start/end date1/1/2112/31/23


  • Public speaking
  • Spoken language


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