Risk Analysis Methodology for Automated Mine Ventilation Systems

  • Sabanov, Sergei (PI)
  • Madani, Nasser (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Karzhau, Abu-Saadi (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)
  • Aldamzharov, B. (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)
  • Alnazar, Nursulu (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)
  • Mukhamedyarova, Zarina (Master student/Bachelor degree holder)

Project: FDCRGP

Project Details

Grant Program

Faculty Development Competitive Research Grant Program 2018-2020

Project Description

Mining companies must provide fresh air for miners to ensure a safe working environment. The cost of ventilating mines is high and rising even higher as energy prices increase and mines expand in depth. Approximately 50% of a typical mine’s energy costs are associated with ventilation. Many metal mines in Kazakhstan use ventilation controlled manually and operated continuously at maximum speed of fans, or peak capacity for 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, keeping all those fans running at maximum speeds – even during non-peak demand periods – wastes precious energy. Otherwise, there will be appear risks of not getting enough fresh air for miners and mining equipment, for mines gases dilution and exhausting and many other risks related with mine safety and environmental impacts. Not controlled ventilation can lead to hazardous situations in mines for example, methane gas outburst with the possibility of explosion. In Kazakhstan this is a very topical issue as many fatalities (just recently 3 miners died in ‘Kazakhstanskaya’ mine, property of ArcelorMittal company https://tengrinews.kz/events/chp-na-shahte-arselor-mittal-temirtau-tri-cheloveka-pogibli-325488/) related with methane uncontrolled exposure, which needs to be timely diluted by a sufficient quantity of fresh air.Automated ventilation system can solve these and any other problems related with uncontrolled ventilation hazards in Kazakhstan mines. Also the lack of ventilation specialists in Kazakhstan in the mine ventilation automation area is a big issue and needs to be solved. This project, through the involvement of MSc students, aims to contribute to the development of such specialists.
Effective start/end date1/1/186/30/21


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