Scientific bases of the system of exercise (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU))

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«E+International» ES Erasmus

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The project considers the items related to the system of exercises. Interrelations of various aspects in the language system and the functions of their elements are considered to be one of the actual items in modern linguistic researches. Regularity allows to widely studying the facts in linguistic phenomena.
The aim of the research is to work out effective exercises system for teaching the Kazakh language and to define its theory base.
The concept and theory of mastering foreign languages, also the theory of exercises (Z.N. Iyevleva, N.M. Lariokhina, V.G. Kostomarov, E.U. Sossenko, A.N. Shukin and others) is theoretical base of our studies.
The practical importance of the research is – the offered system of exercises can be used as a significant tool in the process of both teaching and learning the Kazakh language. Alongside, theoretical and practical bases are used in teaching other languages as well.
Effective start/end date5/25/1712/31/20