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The Academy of Korean Studies

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The project aims to spreading Korean Studies to Kazakhstan, and at least to Astana, widely through this seed program for Korean Studies sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies.

Key findings

The Seed Program for Korean Studies Project (Project) was started in 2018 by generous funding from the Academy of Korean Studies. The goal of the project is to promote and disseminate Korean Studies through our research and academic activities. For research, we are investigating four research topics: (1) the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula; (2) the political participation and civil society of South Korea; (3) the industrial organization and development strategies of Korea; and (4) the Korean diaspora in Central Asia. Our academic activities include the Korean Studies Seminar series (1-2 guest speakers per semester), the K-talks@NU (a monthly open lecture series during semesters), and several regular credit courses on Korea and Korean affairs (e.g. Korean language, politics, and economy). The Korean Studies Center was established by the Project's initiative in Summer 2019, housed in the School of Sciences and Humanities (Director: Dr. Hoyoun Koh). So far, the Center has 6 faculty members across NU and 1 external member (a former NU faculty).
Effective start/end date6/1/185/31/21

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