SMARTER – Smart Mini-Invasive Advanced Thermo-Therapies for Efficient Cancer Treatment

  • Tosi, Daniele (PI)
  • Kushugulova, Almagul (Co-PI)
  • Saliev, Timur (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Marsili, Enrico (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Inglezakis, Vasileios (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Zollanvari, Amin (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Tuganbekov, Turlybek (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Seidagaliyeva, Zhazira (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Schena, Emiliano (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Sales, Salvador (Other Faculty/Researcher)

Project: Monitored by Research Administration

Project Details

Project Description

SMARTER is a multidisciplinary project that aims at disrupting the technologies for minimally invasive thermal ablation of cancer, making the procedure efficient, automated, and controlled. The project proposal is under the Collaborative Research Program (CRP) scheme.
Short titleSMARTER
StatusNot started


  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Sensors
  • Thermal ablation
  • Biosensors
  • Minimally invasive treatments


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