Targeting cancer stem-like cells of castration-resistant prostate cancer through combinatorial inhibition of MET/nuclear MET and β-Catenin pathways: potential therapeutic intellectual property in prostate cancer treatment

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Grant Program

Faculty Development Competitive Research Grant Program 2019-2021

Project Description

Our goal is to determine whether the Crizotinib and iCRT3 combination enhances the anti-cancer effects of either Crizotinib or iCRT3 alone in human CRPC cells by targeting cancer stem-like cells and to define the mechanism by which combinatorial drugs inhibited nuclear MET/β-Catenin/ AR and novel signaling in human CRPC cells.
Short titleTargeting prostate cancer stem cell
AcronymProstate cancer drug target
Effective start/end date1/31/199/30/21


  • Prostate cancer
  • Experimental therapy


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