Teacher Perceptions of Authentic STEM Practices in the Context of Kazakhstani Trilingual Policy

  • Malone, Kathy (PI)
  • Namyssova, Gulnara (Other participant)
  • Assanbayev, Arman (Other participant)
  • Dukenova, Ainur (Other participant)
  • Myrzakulova, Gulfarida (Other participant)
  • Helmer, Janet (Other Faculty/Researcher)

Project: Social Policy

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Grant Program

Social Policy Grant

Project Description

In this study teachers perceptions about authentic science teaching practices including science models, scientific modeling and engineering practices will be surfaced. In addition, barriers to implementation will be determined in the context of the Kazakhstan trilingual policy and the use of authentic science practices. Unfortunately, the knowledge about teachers understanding of these topics is sadly lacking worldwide and in Kazakhstan. The goals of this study are: 1) What are the perceptions do pre and in service teachers of science have about models, modeling and engineering design? And 2)What barriers and challenges do teachers, especially of secondary school, perceive concerning the policy to teacher science in English in the 11th grade? Teachers of science K-16 (both pre and in-service) will be interviewed to determine what they understand about these three issues, examples of how they use or plan to use them in their classrooms and barriers to their usage. The themes that emerge will allow for comparison with two studies previously conducted in the United States and Turkey. This will allow for the determination if understanding of these topics is an isolated or a global phenomenon.
Effective start/end date9/1/18 → …


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