The design of the advanced material with stabilized anionic-redox

Project: CRP

Project Details

Grant Program

Collaborative Research Program 2023-2025

Project Description

The project aims to design a cathode material with high capacity and stable cycling for the Li-ion batteries. The electrochemical performance of the newly designed cathode will be further enhanced via doping and coating. Moreover, by collaborating with foreign and local scientists will beneficial in building a strong internationally competitive research team in Kazakhstan. This project will give an opportunity to the local students and young researchers to get a knowledge and have an experience working with state-of-art characterization tools. Presenting the research results at the international conference will grow their confidence presenting in front of leading scientists and learn from them.

Project Relevance

The project goal will be achieved by completing the following tasks:
Objective 1: Synthesis of the new cathode materials for the Li-ion batteries. Its structural and morphological analysis by the state-of-art equipment.
Objective 2: Understanding the oxygen-redox activities during the cycling. XPS, EEL and XANES will be used to observe the changes in oxygen bands. At the same time, develop an anode material for LIBs from bio-waste.
Objective 3: Doping the newly synthesized cathode by metals to stabilize the structure over long term cycling. Operando XRD and HRTEM will be conducted to understand the phase changes/structure stability during cycling.
Objective 4: Application of the surface coating by polymers to protect the surface from the acid attack during cycling. HRTEM and ICP will be used to confirm the protection layer from HF attack.
Objective 5: Testing the battery performance in Full-cell configuration using the enhanced cathode and bio-waste derived hard carbon. Full-cell performance will be studied to check the possibility of commercialization in the future.

Project Impact

The expected results of the Project fully cover its goals and objectives.
- a minimum of 5 (five) Scopus indexed publications in peer-reviewed journals with top-20/Q1 ranking (minimum 1 (one) top-20 publication) will be published.
- distribution of the research results at the international conferences as an oral or poster presentation.
Additionally, we expect the following results:
1) Successful synthesis of the materials without any impurities, it will be confirmed by XRD
2) Enhanced electrochemical performance of the material by doping and polymer coating
3) Assembling 2 Ah pouch cell in full-cell configuration. Possibility of the further commercialization.
4) Train junior researchers how to use the state-of-art characterization techniques and do research.
5) Visiting collaborators lab. As a visitor, junior researchers will have experience working in developed countries research lab.
6) Establishing a local research group. Not only locally competitive but internationally competitive researchers will be established
Effective start/end date1/1/2312/31/25


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