The Kazakh language in the Age of globalization

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The purpose of the project is to study the processes of functioning of the Kazakh language in the orbit of the globalization of the English language in Kazakhstan and the glocalization of the Kazakh language under the influence of English as a "lingua franca". This will include sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of bilingualism as well as phonetic, convergent and semantic assimilation of English into the Kazakh language and vice versa.
The term “glocalization” is a neologism of globalization and localization, referring to a concept to describe individual, group, organization, product or service that reflects not only global standard but also local one, in our case the Kazakh language. At a 1997 conference on "Globalization and Indigenous Culture," Robertson said that glocalization "means the simultaneity - the co-presence - of both universalizing and particularizing tendencies" (R. Robertson. Globalization: Social Theory and Global Culture (1997).
To achieve the goal, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:
 To study the processes of globalization and glocolization and their development in the international community in the field of culture and language.
 To identify and describe the main areas of convergent development of the Kazakh language influenced by global English language.
 To consider and examine the processes of glocolization of the Kazakh language in conditions of differentiation of national cultures in order to preserve the identity.
 To investigate problems of ecology of language and culture of the Kazakh people in order to preserve the purity of the language and its specificity.

Scientific Novelty: The functioning of the Kazakh language in the orbit of the global English language will be fully examined for the first time in the fields of phonetics, lexical-semantic and grammatical structures. This will include the process of convergence, the process of borrowed words and their assimilation, the phenomenon of semantic analogy and transfer of syntax, the formation of bilingual slang in professional jargon and media, and the processes of globalization and glocalisation of the Kazakh language.

Project Impact

The significance of the project lies in the fact that the scientific results obtained in the development of the project will influence the development of the theory of convergent approximation of languages, which helps to contribute to the further development of the Kazakh and English linguistics. The practical value of the work will be also that the research materials can be used in the preparation scientific papers in conferences as well as monographs and textbooks in future research projects.
As the outcome of the work we consider these main results. Firstly, the result of this project will be a bilingual English-Kazakh Dictionary of contactology (assimilated words and phrases) with 1000 entries built on the principles of cultural study. Secondly, the result of the research will be used in teaching the courses “Language and Culture” and “Business Kazakh” for the students at Nazarbayev University. Finally, the results will be reflected as research papers in international conferences (2 abroad, 1 in Kazakhstan).
Effective start/end date11/3/144/1/15


  • Kazakh language
  • globalization


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