Thermal transport healing by high precision ion beam engineering of defects near grain boundaries

Project: FDCRGP

Project Details

Grant Program

Faculty-development competitive research grants program for 2023-2025

Project Description

Fundamental study of thermal transport healing via precision control of micro- and nano- ion beam engineered radiation damage annealing promoted by grain boundaries (GB) in crystalline materials. Proposed study aims to attain a strong predictive atomic-to-microscale scale understanding of interface-driven sinking of radiation point defects in bi-crystalline (BC), micro-crystalline (MC) and nano-crystalline (NC) solids ultimately aiding the design of nanostructured radiation tolerant structural reactor components without sacrificing heat conductive perfromance for next generation nuclear plants (NGNPs)
Short titleThermal transport healing
Effective start/end date1/1/2312/31/25


  • phonon thermal transport
  • grain boundary
  • radiation damage
  • vacancies and interstitials
  • nano- and micro- ion beam patterning
  • point defects annihilation
  • thermoreflectance
  • molecular dynamics