University-Industry Partnerships for Innovating and Improving Quality of Higher Education in Kazakhstan

Project: CRP

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Collaborative Research Grants Program 2020-2022

Project Description

This study seeks to examine how, and in what ways, universities and industry collaborate in Kazakhstan; and the extent to which recent reforms on governance and autonomy may have enhanced these partnerships. More specifically, the study will investigate the different types of, and associated purposes for collaboration. It aims to identify the success factors that underpin the development and improvement of university-industry partnerships, as well as potential barriers to such partnerships.
The overarching research question that will guide this study is: ‘How and in what ways do universities and industries collaborate in Kazakhstan and how can the development of partnerships be facilitated?’. The sub questions are:
1. What are the current forms of university-industry partnerships?
2. What are the benefits and challenges of collaboration with industry?
3. What are the supporting factors and potential barriers to developing effective and sustainable universityindustry partnerships?
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/31/23


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