Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Systems in Kazakhstan

  • Xenarios, Stefanos (PI)
  • Assubayeva, Aliya (PhD student/Master degree holder)
  • Baubekova, Aziza (Other Faculty/Researcher)
  • Talipov, Bekmurat (PhD student/Master degree holder)

Project: Other

Project Details

Project Description

A team of Nazarbayev University led by Assoc.Prof. Stefanos Xenarios and composed by the PhD students of GSPP Ms. Aliya Assubayeva, Mr. Bekmurat Talipov, and CPS Teaching Fellow Ms Aziza Baubeboka has received a research grant from Corvinus University to developed a study on Urban Water and Wastewater Supply Systems (WWS) in Kazakhstan. The study will assess the challenges of WWS in Kazakhstan and their potential performance improvement while the relevance with other WWS systems in Central Asia will be explored.
Effective start/end date3/1/219/1/21


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