Aқмола облысы топонимдері (түр, түсіндірме, құрылым, рәсімдеу)

Translated title of the contribution:  Toponyms of the Akmola Region: (categories, explanation, structure,design)

Zhazira Agabekova, Saule Imanberdiyeva

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This educational tool provides a detailed information on the toponymics of Akmola Region. The special feature of this book is that types of toponyms, motive of formations, structure, formalization issues are included, at the same time specific questions and tasks are mentioned at the end of the each chapter. The book consits of 4 chapters and 3 appendices. In the first 2 appendices, the structure of toponyms and the linguistic layers(substrats) are presented in the form of a table. The novelty of the eductaional tool is that the last appendices contan interactive tasks in "Learning apps" format designed for each chapters in different formats (crossword, who will win the milllion, puzzles, etc.). In addition, the onomastic terms disscussed in each chapter are fully diclosed in the directory provided at the beginning of the book.

The educational tool is intended for researches in the field of pholology, instructors and students of higher educational institutes, the general reading community, those interested in onomastics, and learners of the Kazakh Language.
Translated title of the contribution Toponyms of the Akmola Region: (categories, explanation, structure,design)
Original languageKazakh
Place of PublicationNur-Sultan
PublisherNazarbayev University
Number of pages130
ISBN (Print)978-601-08-0303-9
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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