A model for prediction of TBM performance in hard rock condition

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Today, Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) continue to find widespıead application in tunnel construction because of the many advantage they offer over drill and blast methods, including high rate of advance. A key factor in successful application of TBM technology is the ability to develop accurate performance estimates for determining project schedule and costs. As a result of TBM related researches since 1970's, the Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI) of the Colorado School of Mines (GSM) has developed computer-based model to predict the performance of TBMs in hard rock. The model was primarily based on intact rock properties (uniaxial compressive and indirect tensile strength tests) and machine
parameters, Although the model has proven in highly reliable in massive rock masses, its accuracy has sometimes been limited in brittle rock masses with closely spaced discontinuities. Therefore, rock fracture and brittleness effects on TBM performance were analyzed and existing CSM model was modified to consider these features in a more quantitative manner. In order to accomplish the goals, the field TBM data from the 16-kilometer Queens water tunnel in New York was analyzed. Along the tunnel, a large number of rock cores were taken from sidewall of the tunnel where rock exhibits varying degrees of fracturing and faults. A total of 151 locations were sampled along the tunnel in different type of hard rock to perform laboratory rock testing, including uniaxial compressive and indirect tensile strength tests as well as punch penetration tests. The database obtained from the study is used to modify the existing CSM model and the model works for mass and fractured hard rock condition without limitations
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Publication statusPublished - 2003
Event56th Geological Congress of Turkey - Ankara, Ankara, Turkey
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Conference56th Geological Congress of Turkey
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