Editorial: Spectroscopy for Crop and Product Phenotyping

Ruslan Kalendar, Kioumars Ghamkhar , Pietro Franceschi , Marcos Egea-Cortines

Research output: Contribution to journalEditorialpeer-review

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Spectroscopy is a viable technique for exploring plant biochemistry in a time-efficient, accurate and typically non-destructive manner. By taking advantage of the properties of plant biomolecules and metabolites at different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, advances have been made that allow for investigations in previously inaccessible aspects of biology in real-time. Other important advances involve disease diagnostics, early stress detection and plant product quality assessment
This research topic aims to highlight novel and innovative applications of all spectroscopic techniques in plants with the goal of characterization for the understanding of plant growth and productivity. Studies featuring impactful and innovative applications of well-established methodologies such as Raman Spectroscopy, Near-infrared spectroscopy, FRET, hyperspectral imaging, novel combination of spectrometric measurement techniques and novel spectrometric techniques are invited.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1058333
JournalFrontiers in Plant Science
Publication statusPublished - Nov 4 2022


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