Extend ADI to tensor structured equations

T. Mach, J. Saak

Research output: Working paper


We present a generalization of the alternating direction implicit (ADI) iteration to higher dimensional problems. We solve equations of the form $ I otimes ots otimes I otimes A_1 + I otimes ots otimes I otimes A_2 otimes I + dots + A_d otimes I otimes ots otimes I $vec$(X) = $vec$(B)$, with $B$ given in the tensor train format. The solution $X$ is computed in the tensor train format, too. The accuracy of $X$ depends exponentially on the local rank of $X$ and on the rank of $B$. To prove this we generalize a result for right hand sides of low Kronecker rank to low tensor train rank. Further we give a convergence proof for the generalized ADI iteration in the single shift case and show first ideas for more sophisticated shift strategies. The conditioning of tensor-structured equation is investigated by generalizing results for the matrix equations case. Finally we present first numerical results.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2011

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