Geomechanical properties of construction stones quarried in South-western Turkey

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Geomechanical properties of natural stones have a crucial importance when stones are used for constructing modern structures and buildings. Therefore, field and laboratory studies are indispensable to investigate the stone quality for purposed structure. Denizli and Antalya surroundings in South-western Turkey have large natural stone reserves and more than 80 quarries operated actually. They export natural stones including various types of travertine, limestone, and schist to all around the world. In this study, laboratory tests and field studies were carried out to investigate the quality of construction stones quarried in the region. For the purpose of the study, stones including four type of travertine, three type of limestone and two type of schist were collected from the quarries; and so, laboratory tests including effective porosity, both dry and saturated unit weight, water absorption by weight, uniaxial compressive strength, P-wave velocity, slake durability index together with thin section analysis were performed in accordance with the international standards to explore the quality of stones to be used for modern construction. Concluding remark is that physical and mechanical properties of examined natural stones satisfies the relevant regulations (that is, an norms, Turkish and ASTM standards) with some deviation to be used as construction materials.

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