Implementación de recomendaciones basadas en evidencia para reducir las cancelaciones de casos quirúrgicos electivos

Translated title of the contribution: Implementation of evidence-based recommendations to reduce elective surgical case cancellations

D. Viderman, A. Sarria-Santamera, Y. Umbetzhanov, A. Ismailova, B. Ben-David

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Background: Cancellation of elective surgical cases leads to a waste of resources, financial burden, patient dissatisfaction, extended hospital stay, and unnecessary repetition of preoperative preparations. Aim: The objective of this study was to identify, analyze and manage the causes of cancellation of elective surgical cases in our institution. Methods: This quality improvement study compared preoperative cardiovascular event and case cancellation rates before and after implementing the practice of perioperative cardiovascular risk management. The study included the following phases: (1) Screening and identification of the most important reason for case cancellation; (2) Developing the strategy and internal protocol based on the international recommendations to minimize perioperative cardiovascular risk; (3) Implementing the internal protocol and monitoring preoperative cardiovascular events and case cancellation rate. Results: We achieved a reduction in surgical case cancellation rate: 83 (3.7%) out of 2242 in 2018 and 28 (1.1%) out of 2538 cases in 2019 were cancelled after the patient had been delivered to the operating room area. Conclusion: Screening and identification of gaps in perioperative care as well as implementation of evidence-based recommendations can significantly improve the quality of patient care. In our case, implementing the internal protocol of cardiovascular risk management in perioperative period resulted in a reduction of preoperative hypertensive crisis, myocardial ischemia, heart rhythm disorder rates and in subsequently reduction in case cancellation rate.

Translated title of the contributionImplementation of evidence-based recommendations to reduce elective surgical case cancellations
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)59-65
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Healthcare Quality Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2021


  • Case cancelation
  • Perioperative dysrhythmia
  • Perioperative hypertension
  • Perioperative myocardial ischemia

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  • Health Policy


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