Investigation of the influence of irradiation with Fe+7 ions on structural properties of AlN ceramics

A. Kozlovskiy, K. Dukenbayev, I. Ivanov, S. Kozin, V. Aleksandrenko, A. Kurakhmedov, E. Sambaev, I. Kenzhina, D. Tosi, V. Loginov, M. Zdorovets

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The paper presents the results of investigation of defect formation in AlN ceramics under Fe+7 ion irradiation with a fluence from 1 ×1011 to 1 ×1014 ion cm-2. The change in the main crystallographic characteristics, the decrease in the magnitude of Griffiths criterion, and the increase in the average voltage as a result of irradiation are caused by the appearance of additional defects in the structure and their further evolution leading to a change in the degree of crystallinity. For samples irradiated with Fe+7 ions to a dose of 1 ×1011 ion cm-2, the formation of pyramidal hillocks is observed on the surface, whose average height is 17-20 nm. An increase in the irradiation dose leads to an increase in chillocks size and their density. At the same time, at large irradiation doses, the formation of conglomerates of chyllocks and grooves on the samples surface is observed. The change in surface morphology, the formation of chyllocks on the ceramic surface, and the dependence of the change in crystallographic characteristics during irradiation make it possible to unambiguously associate the formation of radiation defects in the structure of the ceramic with energy losses in elastic and inelastic interactions of iron ions with lattice atoms.

Original languageEnglish
Article number065502
JournalMaterials Research Express
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2018


  • ceramic materials
  • crystal surface
  • heavy ions
  • hillocks
  • radiation defects

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