Microtubules are necessary for lamellae retraction of Vero cells

E. A. Dobrinskikh, I. A. Vorobjev

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Behavior of Vero cells under the 2,3-butaneodione monoxime (BDM) treatment was examined using videomicroscopy with contrast enhancement. After addition of BDM to the culture medium the area of cell contact with substratum gradually reduced - within 5 min of treatment cell lamellae became thicker, after 60 min the cell area decreased ∼ 70 %, and the cells became nearly rounded. At the same time actin bundles (stress fibers) depolymerized, and microtubule network became denser. Partial depolymerization of microfilaments by treatment with latrunculin B at a concentration of 5 nM resulted in complete loss of stress fibers, yet cells slightly change their form, and microtubule system remained the same as in the control cells. However, after addition of BDM in the presence of latrunculin B cells retracted their lamellae more quickly then under BDM sole treatment. To evaluate the role of microtubules in the process of cell retraction we depolymerized them with nocodazole taken at the concentration of 5 ng/ml. Under nocodazole treatment the cell area decreased ∼ 20 %, and stress fibers became more thick and abandon. The cells did not change their form, and stress fibers depolymerized very slowly under BDM treatment in the absence of microtubules. After l h of BDM treatment in the presence of nocodazole stress fibers were still more numerous than in the control cells. Complete depolymerization of stress fibers happened in 90 % of cells only in 24 h after addition of BDM. When nocodazole had been washed out of the culture medium in the presence of BDM, lamellae started shrinking in 6 min. This time corresponds to the time required for the partial restoration of microtubule system. On the bases of the results obtained we conclude that retraction of the lamellae in Vero cells is guided rather mainly by microtubules, than stress-fibers.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2006

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